Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another reflection, 16 July 08

Today is the last day of the DIL project, and so it is a suitable time for reflection.

I still have technophobic and ignorance barriers, but some of the bricks in the walls are getting looser. I have met many incredibly knowledgeable and helpful people through this project. Probably my biggest barrier is just trying things out and not worrying if they don't work properly the first time.

Recently at home I had to download Skype in order to talk with our younger son who works at Yale. That was fine, but when trying to test the sound, there was none being picked up, and the on-line tester told me that my microphone probably wasn't turned on. Hmmm, I didn't have a clue about what was turned on and what wasn't. At the time that we had arranged to talk, our son hadn't received my e-mail about not being able to get sound, though we established chat on Skype. By this time my husband had escaped to the garden - it is hard to believe but I am a smidgen less phobic than he is!

By hanging in there and trying out suggestions from my son through the chat facility, I got the right bits plugged into the appropriate ports, and we were talking! I felt quite proud of myself! I am certain that if I hadn't had my DIL experiences, I would have given up and then searched for expensive professional help.

I still don't understand about RSS feeds and perhaps I will get closer to working that out at the final session today. Although it is the final official session, I want to continue with my more open mind and keep adding to my skills.

Image: Artic Sea

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